Priority Fill Manifolds

Hale Hamilton manufacture Priority Fill Manifolds for most types of Priority Fill systems.

 Mechanical Priority Fill Manifolds

  • Pressure rating: 400 barg
  • Flow Rates: upto 1500, 2000 or 5000 nm3/hr depending on the model selected.
  • Key Features
    • 1, 2 and 3 Line Manifolds available.
    • Consistent Priority Valve Lift Pressure.
    • Robust design (Pressure rating >1.5 times that of usual service pressure).
    • Cheaper to install, especially when relief valves are fitted (only one vent port).
  • Options include:-
    • ESD Valves on dispenser lines
    • Low bank check valve (internal to block)
    • Supply Pressure Gauge (for easier setting on site)
    • Integrated Storage Relief Valves
    • Storage isolation valves

Mechnical Priority Fill ManifoldMechanical Priority Fill Manifold with ESD ValvesMechanical Priority Fill Manifold with Relief Valves

Ball Valve Priority Fill Manifolds

  • Pressure rating: 345 barg
  • Flow Rates: upto 2500 nm3/hr.
  • Key Features
    • 1, 2 and 3 Line Manifolds available.
    • Low Pressure Drop through manifold.
    • Mechanical Priority Valve set below compressor final pressure to stop shut down at the end of a fill (gas diverted to high bank).
    • Good contamination resistence (better than most solenoid valve products).
    • Compact Design (significantly small than the equivalent panel).

Single Line Priority Fill ManifoldActuated Ball Valve Priority Fill Manifold

Priority Panels

Built using Priority Manifolds to reduce the amount of piping / fittings required, lower the cost and save space.

Hale Hamilton manufacture priority panels only when the process design is too complex to fit into a single manifold.

Generally, piped systems cost more and take up more space than manifolds.

 Priority Panel (Ball Valve Type)

(Ball Valve type Priority Panel - Built for customers in India)


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