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... posted on 29/03/2012
Hale Hamilton's new high-pressure dome-loaded regulator has been launched
Hale Hamilton's dome-loaded regulator
... posted on 12/01/2012
Filling breathing air cylinders for civilian, military and industrial applications has until recently been a time-consuming, manual process. Because the process involved working with high-pressure gases that were both flammable and unpredictable, the task always carried a certain degree of risk.
Air cylinder filling for industrial, military and civilian applications
... posted on 03/01/2012
Portable nitrogen charging units are commonly used these days by commercial airliners, business jets and helicopters. However, this is only a recent development. Previously PCUs were the exclusive preserve of the military. First used by the UK Royal Air Force in the early 2000s for aircraft ground support, nitrogen charging PCUs are now used across the globe by military forces in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and India.
Portable Charging Units (PCUs)