Gas Turbine Valve

Hale Hamilton manufacturers a range of specialist Valves and Regulators for applications within the Power Generation market sector.

Key applications include

  • Fuel Control (Gas and Liquid Fuels)
  • IGV Actuation
  • False Start Drain
  • Air Purge Control
  • Lubrication Oil Pressure Control
  • Inlet Pressure Reduction / Control
  • Reverse Flow Prevention
  • Over Pressure Protection.

RL SeriesFV2dv4asv134GLD25

Above left to right, RL Series Dome Loaded Pressure Controller (Lube Oil / Inlet Gas Pressure Control), FV Series Fuel Valve (Fuel Pressure Control), DV4 Series Pilot Operated False Start Drain Valve (Fuel or Washer wash fluid drain), ASV134 Air Purge Valve, Series 28 Pressure Regulator (IGV Actuation, et al).