Dispenser Manifold

Hale Hamilton manufacture Dispenser Manifolds for all configurations of CNG dispenser.

Ball Valve Dispenser Manifolds

Our Dispenser Manifolds integrate almost all the valve and instrumentation dispenser components into a single module reducing fabrication, component and labour costs as well as the space envelope demanded by a piped system.

Summary of Benefits

  • Reliability - Our Ball Valves provide a far more reliable solution than equivalent Solenoid type solutions, especially where gas contamination is an issue.
  • Reduced cost - far cheaper than building a dispenser for descrete components.
  • Less space required for installation - compared with a piped system.
  • Easy to service.


Ball Valve Dispenser Manifold

Summary of Features

  • 1, 2 or 3 Line with 1 or 2 hose connections.
  • Coalesing Filters
  • HH Ball Valve Inserts / Single Acting Actuators.
  • Vent Valves and Instrumentation ports (PI, PT, PS) in manifold as standard.

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