A key factor in the continued success of Hale Hamilton is the philosophy of providing our customers worldwide, with bespoke solutions to meet their exacting needs, however varied and demanding their objectives might be in terms of efficiency, reliability, precision or economy.

Working in partnership with our clients we design and manufacture: manifolds, modules, cabinets, panels and bespoke application specific valves.

Within our agreement, we also take responsibility for all supporting documentation, and where necessary independent design and application approvals.

The scope of Gas Systems Hale Hamilton provide range from the supply and installation of a simple skid based package to the Supply of a complete Gas System.  The scope depends largely on the customers' requirements. 

Our system product offering includes

  • System Design Service
    • Process design.
    • Electrical design,
    • Mechanical design of skids and piping systems.
    • CE document packs
    • 3rd Party Approval to DNV, Lloyds, et al.
  • Build of skid mounted packages offsite.
  • Full material traceability of all parts if required.
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Staff training and system handover to client.
  • Comphrensive aftersales support. 

Our expertise is specifically in high pressure Gas Systems upto 420 barg.