Stop Valves

A wide variety of Manual and Actuated Stop valves, suitable for working pressures from zero up to 500 bar (7,250psi) are available. Most Hale Hamilton stop valves are fully pressure balanced and thus require a very small operating torque, even at the highest pressures.

Many valves in the range are suitable for both pneumatic, including Oxygen where a broad range of valves are available adiabatic shock tested by both CTE (to EN ISO 7291) and BAM, high pressure (500 bar) Hydrogen and hydraulic applications. Some examples are shown below.

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Manual Stop Valves

SV47 Stop Valve

Air Actuated Stop Valves


 Motor Driven Stop Valves

N53 Motorised Valve

Ball Valves

Ball Valve

Valve Module and Manifolds

(both offer good value and save space when compared to piped systems) 

ASV158 Valve Module

Ball Valve Dispenser Manifold