Single Cylinder Filling System

A Single Cylinder Medical Filling (SCMF) System with manual cylinder loading and fully automatic control of filling.  The system encompasses the latest technology and methods for the filling of Medical Gas Homecare cylinders and can comprise the following modules:

  • Integrated Supply System
  • Filling Workbench, complete with remote support facility
  • Integrated analysis System
  • Integrated Vacuum System


Product Technology

A typical SCFM system is built as a single Workstation module comprising 4 filling points suitable for 1 to 10 litre (integral valve) cylinders.  This state-of-the-art medical oxygen filling station package has been developed to provide to Clients with a system that meets and exceeds all the requirements of a medical filling system - Safety, Production, Quality and Validation:-

  • Safety - incorporates best practice design for O2 systems: over pressure protection, key process safety interlocks and operator protection.
  • Productivity - one man operation; 4x2 litre cylinders (to 300 barg) every minute; or 4x10 litre cylinders (to 300 barg) every 1.5 minutes.
  • Quality - cylinders are automatically checked for residuel pressure before proceeding to a vacuum cycle they are then filled individually be weight and flow control.  All details during the fill are recorded automatically against a batch and cylinder ID.  The system is paperless as all records are generated and stored electronically.  They include: latest tanker analysis (liquid batch); operator ID; fill cycle details; batch cyilnder analysis.
  • Validation - each system is supplied with 'Lifecycle' validation documentation to the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph Eur).  This eliminates the need for external validation consultancy.

The systems are all built and tested off site, which significantly reduces the on-site installation and validation time.  Existing pumping systems can be utilised or we can provide new systems.


  • Backflow prevention system
  • Fill, Vent and Vacuum cycle
  • Proportional flow control
  • 100% certainty of Gas Quality
  • Return pressure checking
  • Multi-tasking
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use operator interface
  • Operator protection
  • Pressure safety
  • Control Interface
  • Prebuilt and test workstation
  • Interface for barcode reader and electronic tag.
  • Interface for automatic batch label generation

Operation Sequence


The operator connects the cylinder, closes the guard and presses 'Start Fill'.  He then moves to the next fill station (4 fill stations in total) and repeats the process.  From this point on the system is fully automatic: the cylinder valve opens; residual cylinder pressure is confirmed; a vacuum cycle is carried out; the manifold is vented; the operator is alerted to remove and replace the cylinder.

touch screenSCFM partSCFM _2


Each of our systems /projects comes with a comprehensive document package which includes:-

  • Designs Documents
  • CE Build Files
  • P&IDs and Process Descriptions
  • Validation Documentation
  • Safety Studies
  • Spares and Maintenance Lists
  • Operating Instructions
  • Certification for all materials / parts

Summary of Benefits.

  • Flexible design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Validation
  • Minimum on site installation
  • Turnkey Project or Equipment only (with commissioning service).
  • Up to 300 barg filling pressures (420 barg design).
  • High Productivity (minimum manning)
  • Full Documentation with Safety Study