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HIS Controller

HIS Controller

The HIS (Hood Inflation System) Controller, pressurizes the escape suit keeping the submariner safe during the escape procedure.

Hull Valves

Hull Valves

Proven across multiple platforms, these market leading valves enable the safe transfer of fluids through the submarine pressure hull. They can be custom engineered to suit a range of length and bore size requirement.

Pressure Reducing Stations

Pressure Reducing Stations

Pressure Reducing Stations are designed to meet the requirements of the platform and provide a shock resistance, space saving solution for pressure and flow control.

Hydraulic Valve Manifolds

Hydraulic Pilot Valve Manifolds

Hydraulic Selector Valves are used in a variety of hydraulic systems for piloting / actuating hydraulic equipment.  Hydraulic Valve Manifolds combine a range of functions (i.e.  Isolation, flow restriction, reverse flow prevention, manual override, et al) and are configured to our clients’ requirements.

Our Hydraulic Pilot Valves are qualified for a 25 year life across a number of systems on Nava Sub-Platforms.

Portable Charging Units

Portable Charging Units

Our range of Portable Charging Units are used worldwide by both commercial and military customers. The PCU’s support a range of applications across commercial airliners, business jet/helicopter operators as well as military assets including helicopters, transport planes and UAV’s.

Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Relief Valve

RS Series Relief Valve is a compact relief valve offering customers a wide range of set pressure at a stable set point.

Low Pressure Regulator

Low Pressure Dome Loaded Regulator

The RL3M is an unbalanced, dome-loaded regulator that provides a flow of gas or liquid at controlled pressure.
The outlet pressure is set by adjusting the pressure in the dome via an external source.

Cartridge Non-Return Valves
Non Return Valves Insert

Cartridge Non Return Valves

A range of cartridge insert non-return valves designed to be installed into a manifold providing positive shut-off against reverse flow.