N6 Mk154 Balanced Manual Stop Valve TPED Certified, conforming to (2010/35/EU) and ADR2013.

13 May 2014

Hale Hamilton's N6 Mk154 Balanced Manual Stop Valve has successfully achieved TPED certification complying with TPED 2010/35/EU. ADR 2013 to EN ISO 10297.

The N Series range of valves are widely used within the Hydrogen Trailer market where their low running torques, robust and compact design and long life make them ideal for mobile applications.

The N6 Mk154 compliments its bigger brother N62 which is a DN15 valve rated to 500 bar, also conforming to the above standard.

Contact either Ian Davies on ian.davies@circor.com or Tony Melhuish on tony.melhuish@circor.com for more information