Breathing Air

AUTOCHARGE Automated Cylinder Filling (ACF) System:

Hale Hamilton manufacture & supply the innovative AUTOCHARGE Automated Cylinder Filling (ACF) System for filling Breathing Air (BA) cylinders/ bottles used in fire-fighting and damage control onboard ship.AUTOCHARGE Panel

The picture opposite shows a typical layout for an AUTOCHARGE Automated Cylinder Filling (ACF) System, where the vast experience of the Company in the design of Industrial Cylinder Filling Plant has been developed to provide military users with a product offering safe, rapid and consistent bottle charging. The hazards from over-pressurising and over-heating are removed. 

Hale Hamilton can also supply a turnkey, Engineered BA Charging System, from point of charge through to point of use.

Manual BA panels, stop/ isolation valves, non-return/ check valves, back pressure maintaining valves, safety/ pressure relief valves, pressure regulators, in-line filters, pressure gauges, pipe couplings and adaptors are also available.