General Gas Supply Applications

Hale Hamilton manufactures a range of Pressure Reduction and Gas Distribution Panels.

Our panels are typically configured to provide some of all of the following features:-


  • Automatic Change over between gas sources (trailers, multi cylinder packs, etc).
  • Pressure regulators set up to provide constant supply pressures with reducing source pressure.
  • Reverse Flow Prevention.
  • Over Pressure Protection.
  • Cold temperature application
  • Extra corrosion protection.
Example 1:
Gas Supply Panel for Hydrogen.
Dual Gas Source: Trailer and MCP (Multi Cylinder Pack)
Change-over between gas sources managed via two parallel regulators.
10-200 barg in / 0-10 barg out
(insert AP red panel)
Example 2:
Similar Supply Panel but in Stainless Steel.


Example 3: Automatic Gas Supply panel