Fuel Gas / CNG Control & Distribution Applications

Our Fuel Gas Supply Panels and Fuel Gas Control Skids utilise Hale Hamilton's considerable experience is the handling of Compressed Natural Gas.

Typical Applications:-

  • CNG Distribution Systems for Industrial or Residential Installations.
  • Flare Gas Recovery.
  • Fuel Gas Control to Engines and Gas Turbines.
  • CNG Fueling Stations
  • Sour Gas Versions of the above.

Examples Projects:-

Fuel Gas Supply Systems for a Power Plant in Brazil.

Fuel Gas Control Skid                                               Buffer / Vent Skid 400 barg / 250 litres


CNG Fueling Station Projects in Bangladesh and India

Priority Fill Panel using Hale Hamilton Priority Fill Manifolds to reduce fabrication cost.

Priority PanelThis product utilises Hale Hamilton's Ball Valve Technology.