Dedicated Facility

Hale Hamilton offer a dedicated valve repair service for all the equipment it supplies.

One standard of repair is offered, that is "full", which means the following:

On receipt each valve is stripped down to its component parts. Parts are inspected and those which can be reused are thoroughly cleaned. Parts which can not be reused are listed on a repair bill of materials for replacement. All rubber items e.g. 'o'-rings, seats, seals, diaphragms, gaskets are routinely added to the repair bill of materials for replacement.

Each valve is rebuilt and is then retested according to its original test specification. On completeion of its satisfactory FAT, each valve is marked as repaired and the appropriate level of Quality Assurance Certification is appended, prior to return to the Customer.

IMPORTANT: We do NOT routinely undertake receipt inspection reporting. If you require a receipt inspection report, this must be requested prior to receipt of the equipment for repair.

NOTE: If a valve is being returned to Hale Hamilton either under Warranty or due to an in-service defect, then it is important that this is highlighted prior to receipt of the equipment being returned.

Equipment being returned will then be entered in to the Company's In-Service Defect Report (ISDR) system, which is administered by the Company's Quality Assurance department.

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