The Company

Welcome to Hale Hamilton, a Company within the Fluid Control Division of Circor International, Inc.

Hale Hamilton has, since 1947 been in business of the design, development, manufacturing, supply and support of high performance valves and valve systems, required to perform under critical conditions of pressure, flow & cleanliness, in satisfying the demanding technical requirements of defence and industrial customer’s world-wide. Hale Hamilton is an ISO9001:2000 Company.

In support of our customers, as a design authority, our principal asset is the knowledge, experience and commitment of our people. Through their expertise we will provide you with a comprehensive package of products, systems and associated product support services, competitively priced, to the quality level you require and with full documentation, spare parts and engineering support.

We specialise in the safe control and reduction of fluid pressures from as high as 15,000psi down to application pressures as low as <1.0psi. Compressed gases handled include: air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, CNG & others. Fluids handled include: hydraulic oil, water glycol, fuel oils, water & sea-water.

The markets which we serve are wide and varied. Our particular areas of expertise include:

Military (Navy, Air-force and Army), Industrial gas production, CNG dispensing, Power generation, Offshore (Marine, Oil & Gas and Diving), Gas compression, PET/Blow moulding, Pharmaceutical and Medical.

In short; “Excellence in Pressure & Flow Control”